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Simplex Rapid was established in 1948 and has since then become a leading player in the spring and wire forming industry. Our commitment to delivering the highest quality, reliability, and innovation standards has enabled us to grow and expand our reach to the top global markets. We specialize in providing unique solutions for complex applications in industries that require the utmost precision, such as medical, automotive, and microelectronics.

Our success is built on a constant commitment to innovation. This dedication has allowed us to continually expand our presence in the market and grow in terms of size. Today, our manufacturing facility spans an area of 10,000 square meters with the potential for further expansion of 15,000 square meters in adjacent properties.

We are proud of our heritage and continue to build our future on these solid foundations.
Our goal is to continue to offer innovative products and services that meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers.


Founded in 1970 as a non-profit association, IWMA (International Wire & Machinery Association) is the world’s largest and most influential corporate association for the wire and cable industries.
IWMA promotes events, educational opportunities, and supports its members with exhibitions and connections.


The Spring Manufacturers Institute (SMI), founded in 1933, is an association of companies that manufacture springs, and their associate suppliers. The members of SMI work together to meet the key issues of the industry worldwide: quality, materials, technology, government regulations.
SMI's aim is to inform on the many facets of business relating to the industry and works toward establishing and facilitating cordial relationships among members.


The VDFI is the association of the German technical spring industry.
It is one of the oldest industry associations in Germany and represents more than 80% of the industry's revenue. In addition to spring manufacturers, the most important national and international suppliers, machine manufacturers, and suppliers of semi-finished products also have a seat in the association.


ACIMAF (Associazione Costruttori Italiani Macchine per Filo) was established in Brescia in 1987 to promote the reputation of Italian technology in the wire and cable industry.
It is a voluntary, non-profit association that plays a significant role in international cooperation to improve attendance and organization of trade fairs in the wire and cable industry.
It cooperates with ICE (Institute for Foreign Trade) to promote export growth activities for its members and to assist market penetration in the most attractive foreign countries.


The Wire Association International (WAI), Inc., founded in 1930, is a worldwide technical society for wire and cable industry professionals. Based in the United States of America, WAI collects and shares technical, manufacturing, and general business information for the ferrous, nonferrous, electrical, fiber optic, and fastener companies in the wire and cable industry.
Their mission is to serve the technical, manufacturing and general business segments in the wire and cable industry all over the world.


ESF, the European Spring Federation, is a Federation of European National Spring Associations. Its membership comprises National Spring Associations of Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain as well as associated Members from Denmark, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom. The objective of the Federation is to look after and further the economic, professional and scientific interests of its members at European and International level.


ANCCEM (National Manufacturers' Association of Elastic and Mechanical Components) was founded by a group of entrepreneurs in 1972. With headquarters in Brescia, it represents more than 60% of the spring manufacturers in Italy.
ANCCEM has been a networking organization of professionals and entrepreneurs operating nationally and internationally. Over the years, it organised and sponsored regular research and analysis on the production costs of Italian spring manufacturers. The association also includes companies operating in the spring industry, including manufacturers of grinding wheels, machinery, furnaces, measuring instruments, and suppliers of raw materials and treatments.

Sustainability Report

Discover how our commitment to the environment, society, and governance translates into concrete actions for a more sustainable future.


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Spring coilers




Pay offs

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